Monday, October 03, 2011

Mini-Print Exchange #50

Here's the block for the mini-print exchange #50.  We'll be doing a whopping 100 prints to exchange!  What a collection.  8-]  High time I get going on it.

This is another paleo-dragonfly in my Paleo Mythos series.  The original of this design is an acid etching:

It's a black & white intaglio print with watercolor accents, approx. 3"x5".

Paleo-dragonfly II will be a woodcut, 2.5"x3.5".  I'm still dithering on color(s).


Carving, carving.  Itty bitty has its challenges.

1 comment:

Terry Peart said...

It's looking very nice, Ellen. I'm looking forward to receiving one! I'm in the midst of printing mine now. And you're right - carving small has it's own problems. Yours is looking great.
But, I must say the printing is going a lot faster than I thought 100 prints would go. So, small does have it's pluses.