Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Printing - Arches 88

I haven't printed on Arches 88 in ages, but I remembered it's crisp treatment of woodcuts, so I ordered some. I really like it, and its perfect for the mini-cards for ex. 50.

It's dry as all get out here today and its sucking the moisture out of the ink. This is the 7th print in a row and it's getting all gunked up.

Cleaning the block and refreshing the ink and getting back to it. ;-]


Printed another set.  Here's the whole thing, 18 prints. 

I've tried printing them separately and in a strip and I prefer the strip of 4 or 5.  It's easier to place the block.  The single card can curl and is harder to register.


Here's a scan of the dragonfly.  I'm happy with the colorway.

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Diane Cutter said...

I agree about the Arches 88, Ellen. I switched for exactly the same reasons though I have tons of scraps which would have served.

Excellent suggestion on printing in strips. I wish I had done it that way... ((sigh)) next time...