Monday, March 30, 2009

Tiger & Sloth, continued

The block is pretty much done. I'll see what needs a little tweaking after I make a test print. In the meantime, I made a mirrored b&w scan of the block (what I call a faux print) to see what it might look like.

I haven't shown it to Kitty or Kurt yet. It's for a series of prints they can hand out to their court as favors when they step down from the Throne at Coronation in June. Or rather, when Sven and Kolfinna step down. ;-j

I still need a title for the piece. Something to reflect their taking a much-deserved rest after their second reign. Made in the Shade?

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Tiger & Sloth

Still some detail work to do. But it's coming along nicely. Better stop now. I know how compulsive this can be and my shoulders won't thank me if I continue.


a bit of tiger striping

Nice to see I still know how to carve a block. ;-> I'm working in spurts so I don't wrack my shoulders.

computer cobbled image with Kitty's tiger and Kurt's sloth

Finally have my hands on a block again. Haven't been working on anything since Dec. That drat ulcer -- or rather the reglan I was taking for the ulcer. It messed with my other meds. But things seem to be back to normal -- or what passes for normal. ;-j And I'm back to working again.