Monday, October 17, 2011

New Colorway

Working on a new colorway.  The reddish yellow didn't thrill me.  This is a brown made from yellow, blue, red (touch of black) with red tapped in on the wings.  I'm liking it.

Made a greeny brown with yellow and black, it was too green so I added blue and red.  I'll probably leave the black out on the next pass.

This is still on kozo, which I'm not sure I'll be using.  I want to try some Arches 88 before I decide.  Time to cut down paper and see.

But first some more brown prints on kozo.  It's addictive.  ;-]

25 more prints, a few of them too light.  Really goes quickly.  I'm liking this colorway a lot.  I think it's what I'll go with.

Time for a lunch break.

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