Saturday, September 29, 2007

Titanium 22 -- Periodic Table Project

Ti 22 block

Ti 22 test print -- yellow ochre

Ti 22 test print -- yellow ochre & black

Ti 22 -- another variation

A couple lines need a little more tweaking, and I need to fine-tune the coloration. But it's almost done. 8-]

Now I can work on the text, explaining just how Prometheus with a robot arm holding fireworks relates to the element Titanium. ;-j

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

The Dog Ate My Artwork... ;-/

slightly chewed Foggy print
So we were on vacation -- a train trip to the midwest for our 35th anniversary -- and some of my prints fell into range of my paper loving dog, Loki:

Loki does love his Starbucks
I think it only got chewed in passing -- he was actually after a packet of Southern Winter/Northern Summer Solstice prints (the backyard series)! Luckily they were still in their plastic envelope and my son was able to rescue them before any damage was done. But Foggy wasn't so lucky.
Now that wouldn't be such a problem -- except: that particular print was up on ETSY and it had just sold! Yikes!
I didn't have many Foggy prints on hand, and none of the others were as nice as the one in my shop. So I printed up some more, and one or two of those look similar to the chewed one.
As soon as they dry I'll send one off to my patient patron. And hey, she gets a great story to go with it, right? ;-y