Sunday, September 26, 2010

Prototype Display Panel

Less than a month until my three person studio show.  Lots to do to get ready. 

Bill and I worked on the second prototype display panel for my up-coming studio show.  The first one (pvc pipe and pegboard) was way too heavy.  This one is pvc pipe and wire fencing.  As you can see it works great.

The zippy ties have yet to be trimmed in this picture.  We plan to make 3 more and hook them all together in a zig-zag pattern which should be self-supporting.

I like the clean lines (and of course Bill likes the black and white motif).  ;- ]

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Thanx Guys 8-]

I love it when people decide to follow my blog (even if I am a sporadic blogger).  ;-]

New people always take me to such interesting places and I get to add kewl blogs to the ones I already follow. 

Today I discovered:
an open [sketch]book
creative journal of suzanne cabrera

Some Day Your Prints Will Come


I learn so much from you guys!