Friday, December 16, 2011

The Poop on Pigeons

On to the next project.  No rest for the over-extended.

I've been mulling over my block for the City of the World Puzzle Block Project:, Maria Arango's latest massively collective project (talk about over-extended!).  ;- j

Check out this blog and see all the amazing blocks that have come in already:

I thought I might do something with my animals, or my back yard, but nothing suitably city-y occured to me (the fact that I live in a suburb might have something to do with it).

So recently I've been thinking about pigeons.  They're ubiquitous in a city -- even a suburb.  (On good days we call them doves; when they're fat and waddly from eating other birds' feed we call them pigeons.)

I've got a couple ideas I'm cogitating on, and soon I'll be carving on.  The deadline approaches and tempus threatens to frangle.

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Xmas Card 2011

Cards ordered thru Vista Print.  *whew* 

What a project.  One complication after another, but it's done now.

I'm calling it Denizens until something better occurs to me.  I can't give in to my other title:  Not Even a Mouse.  That'd be the 3rd xmas print titled that.  ;->  I really am a creature of habit.

Monday, December 12, 2011

Xmas Card - Second Block

Second block printed (all at once, as the rainy weather kept the ink from drying out).  8-]

I think the project was an overall success (altho at this point all I see are the glaring errors).  ;- j

Now I wait for them to dry and then scan them into the computer and start making the xmas cards with Vista Print.  I am so behind on this project.  I think the xmas cards are going to be new year's cards this year.  ;- y

Sunday, December 11, 2011

Xmas Card - First Block

First block printed.  8-]  Waiting for it to dry now so I can print the second block.

Thursday, December 08, 2011

Carving Around Ornaments

Carved around the ornaments.  They'll be less fiddly to ink now.

Because we're so dry right now (Santa Ana dry) I'm having trouble with ink drying out, especially when I ink up both the window and all the ornaments.  So I'm thinking of printing them separately.

That'll be three printings with two blocks.  What a complicated process this xmas card is turning into.

Wednesday, December 07, 2011

Test Print - Window Block

Test print of the window block went about as expected.  The window area prints fine, but the ornaments are giving me troubles yet.  For one thing I need to carve out the areas around the ornaments more so I don't get ink on the tree.

At least the two blocks line up -- I tested the window print and the tree print up against the patio door and they matched up.  *whew*

The window was coming alive nicely, but the ornaments are still resisting ink.  But rather than fight with the difficult little things I've decided to carve some more first.  Next time will be better.

It does look kinda kewl overlaid with the green tree print. 

Another thing I noticed tho was how paranoid I am about the two "blocks" being two sides of the same block.  I'm just sure I'm going to mess one up somehow.  I don't think I like being so frugal -- next time I'll use two separate blocks.

Tuesday, December 06, 2011

Block Two

Still on block two.  Ornaments isolated.  Now working on the window and the mice. 

Then I can make a test print for placement.  Still have to carve ornament holes in the first block.

This part's going a lot faster.

I'm finding my erganomically designed carving tools are best for this part.  I'd forgotten how comfortable they are in the hand since I've been using the finer Japanese tools.  It's a trade-off; ease of use vs. smaller mm.

Ok, ready to do some test printing.  Tomorrow.  8 hours is plenty of time for one day.

Monday, December 05, 2011

2-Block Xmas Card

Short cuts always take longer.  *sigh*  Because I'd carved the original block differently than my cartoon I've had to trace and transfer the image with wax paper (the only thing I could see well enough thru on the block) and chalk onto the back of the block.

Now I'm carving away around the ornaments; next the window scene.  Ugly, ugly work.  I hate how the block looks.

Also need to carve a hole for the ornaments on the first block.

Saturday, December 03, 2011

White Line - Tree

Less than pleased with the white line approach to this print.  I inked the tree and powedered the ornaments and stray splotches but the job is labor and time consuming and less than satisfactory.  Short cuts always take longer.

I'll go ahead and carve a second block of ornaments and the window scene and just carve away all the ornaments on the tree.  Less time and labor in the long run.

I can use the back of the block tho that's a new concept as well.  Learn something new with every project.

Thursday, December 01, 2011

White Line - More Carving

Almost done with the tree.  Just a few ornaments left at the top.  Then I can test print the tree and see how much trouble it'll be to clean up the ornaments each time.

Time for a test print.