Monday, December 11, 2006

Bill's First Woodcut!

Blackburn Bridge, 4"x6". This is so waaay kewl. 8-] Start to finish in one day! Show-off! He even took the photo on our trip back to Blackburn in '03.

Scanned it in, turned it to b&w (using threshold), chalked the back, traced onto block, carved and printed. He finished up at midnight last night. An edition of 20.

I didn't touch a thing, just gave instructions and demonstrated. What a protege. 8- D

Saturday, December 09, 2006

Spirals and Leaves

Spirals and leaves. Monotypes with stencils. I went a little crazy last week -- I think I cranked out about 40 of these little things. They're like potato chips -- you can't do just one. I finally had to quit when I ran out of paper -- twice. ;-> I could do these all day. They push my o/c button.

I think the 3rd one down is actually the first print. From there all permutations progressed (in no particular order). My inks were mixed with white, so I wasn't getting any transparent overlays. That's for next time. I like the light colors I was getting (tho in the case of the 1st one, you can barely see the lavendar spiral).

I may use the bulk of them for a print exchange, as they surely constitute an edition, if a varied one. 8-]