Monday, September 26, 2011

Pieces Sold at the Show

Our Garden Party Art Show was a great success!  I fear I talked people's heads off, but they were all kind enough to listen.

I sold three pieces at the show.  If I'd thought ahead I would have taken better pics of them.  ;-j

Once In a Blue Moon, woodcut

Paleo Dreams, monoprint

Paleo-Ho-Ho, woodcut

I could get used to this idea of selling my art.  ;-]  I guess I'd better start taking better pictures of my art.


Diane Cutter said...

Congrats, Ellen... You've made some people very, very happy.

Belinda Del Pesco said...

Whoohoo! Congratulations on a successful show and some sales to boot! I thought of you all weekend, wondering how things were going. If I hadn't been at the fall arts fest in studio city, I woulda been there with you guys, fawning over all the niceness on display. Yayy for you!

Ellen Shipley said...

Thanx guys. Your work is inspirational to me and your praise is high indeed. 8-]