Friday, October 21, 2011

Today's Production

Another productive morning.  As others have noted, once you cross the 50th print, you're sort of in the groove.  I cranked out another 33 prints today.  I could have continued but we're time-sharing the kitchen table and Bill wanted his breakfast.  ;- j  Tomorrow, Monday for sure, I'll have them all done.  They're drying really fast.

It really was in the groove.  The day wasn't dry like it was yesterday -- I had an idea it might be good printing when we found ourselves in a cloud last night when we took Loki for his walkies.  I only had to clean the block a couple times in all that printing, and the ink wasn't drying out as fast either.

I'm really in the groove now.  No wasted motion anymore.  I love it when the block practically prints itself.  Tore down more paper strips (4 and 5 to a strip, as it turns out) of Arches 88, marked them in pencil where each block should land, recarved the ends of the block to clean up the messy inky bits that were accumulating (plus opened up a couple lines that seemed to have smooshed closed -- technical term).  Also went over the block with a stylus to dig out any leftover ink that didn't clean out the day before (happens often with really fine lines I find).  Mixed my ink, cranked my press to the proper pressure, and away I went.  Color on the wings is tapping in very nicely now too.  Hope tomorrow is as groovy as today has been.  8-]

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