Friday, January 13, 2006

Winter Solstice, Chine Colle

Here's a chine colle print of my winter solstice block. Kewl process. The chine colle paper is gauzy with gold and silver flecks, which is really all that can be seen. It has a bit of texture tho. Rather odd -- not sure what it's supposed to be like. Seems a little rough. But I have a lovely embossing from having wet the paper (chine colle was applied dry). This has possibilities! 8-]

Friday, January 06, 2006


Paleo-Ho-Ho! 4"x6"ish

Psuedo-print -- block scanned, reversed & gray-scaled. I meant to have this finished for xmas, but I'll have it for next. I've done this theme in drypoint and reworked it, but I haven't been happy with it. I think it lends itself to woodcut better. Has more movement.

I get a kick out of my "hand print" motif done in mittens. ;-j

Winter Solstice -- Psuedo-Print

Winter Solstice psuedo-print -- that is to say, it's the block scanned in, reversed and gray-scaled. It's what a print will look like once I print it.

This is the new block I carved for the ssnw exchange. I decided to use the Freya print for the year-of-the-dog exchange print exclusively.