Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Christmas Card Update

Yay!  The cards came!  And they look pretty good.  8-]

Tay and the Night Visitor

They're good sturdy card stock too.  We're pleased.  We went with Overnight Prints.  Only took a week (there abouts).

Anyone who wants to get on my xmas card list, just send me your mailing address!

Friday, December 03, 2010

2010 Christmas Card

Ta-Da!  The Christmas card is done and ordered.  The image is more saturated than the woodcut print (wish I could print such rich color!).  We ordered it thru Overnight Prints.  We'll see how they do.  Not that there will be time to redo the whole thing.  Crossed fingers!

I always say I'm going to start earlier next year, and I never do.  But I sure hope I do next time.  This last minute business is frangling.  Maybe Christmas in July?  ;- p

Wednesday, December 01, 2010

Test Print -- Press

Ok, this isn't too bad.  Recarving really helped.  Also I think my pressure was too high on the press yesterday.  Alignment seems to work.  I'm getting happy.  8-]

Not sure I care for the pinky-looking chop tho.  Maybe I'll go back to blue.

Test Block 2 - Recarving

I have a tendency to carve too fine of lines that disappear in the printing process.  So I'm recarving the stonework on block 2 to make it more visible.  Recarved some elements on block 1 as well.  Half way thru all the cobbles.

And then on to another test print.


Ok, I recarved both blocks. 

The stonework took the most time, so I didn't get to make another test print yet.  Maybe after dinner.

Test Print - Block 1

Less than satisfying test print.  I have a tendency to carve delicate lines when I really need to dig deeper.  Detail on Tay is disappearing.  Back to the carving board a bit today.

This was on the press.  I think I'll try the baren to see if I get something different.