Friday, October 18, 2013

Xmas 13 ~ Transferred the Cartoon

Transferred the cartoon using the charcoal technique.  Quick and dirty (emphasis on dirty).  ;- j

Thinking of putting my chop into one of the stone blocks.

I'll be adding detail to the stone blocks, so it should fit in.

Friday, October 11, 2013

My Own Coloring Book

Coloring in cartoons ~ working on techniques and colorways.

This is what I'm liking so far.

The rotties and outside the portcullis will be the blackest.  Stone wall and portcullis surround will be light gray with white accents, lightening it up.

I'm thinking 2 blocks ~ one that is just brown with tapped in red and green; the other one all the blacks (may or may not be black lines in the paneling, etc.).


And now with light sky thru the portcullis.

I think I'm liking that a little better.


Cropped to card shape.

Tuesday, October 08, 2013

The Process is Processing

Looking at oodles and oodles of googled images of stone walls and nooks and hearths and paneling. Lots of angled images too.  I go thru a lot of printer paper and ink during this process.


I don't usually do this, but I've drawn some perspective lines because the photo I'm using is rather acute.

I'm hoping this looks like a doggy-sized portcullis.

Starting to look like something.  ;-]

Move the cookie place down a bit and maybe round the table.


Screen capture with plate oval.

I'll make the image a tad taller ~ 11.5" ~ on the board.  Probably add to the bottom a tad, so cookie plate isn't right at the bottom.


So how many blocks and how many colors?

Stone wall, portcullus grate, card outline, dogs will use black.
Paneling, dog accents, table, dog biscuits will be medium brown.
Chiron's collar, plate rim will be green.
Fae's collar, lettering on card will be red.

I can have 2 blocks, one for black and one for brown.  Red and green can be tapped in, probably on the black block.

Try coloring up something like that.


Better with a larger plate of cookies.

Saturday, October 05, 2013

Santa Paws ~ More Sketches

Bill worked out the dimensions for me.  My block is 9"x12" so the image has to be approx. 6.5"x11.5".  I'll make it a bit wider, but it'll be detail that can be easily cropped out of the card image ~ more wall).  Card image is generally extra long to width ( ≈ 4.5"x7").

I'm also thinking of adding something in the foreground ~ say a doggy dish with bone-shaped biscuits for Santa (like a plate of cookies).

I like the plate of cookies.  Gives it foreground interest.

Green trim on the cookie plate balances the green collar.  Anchors the image.