Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Test Print -- Color Three

Carving for color three:

Scary, but that's why they call it a suicide block!  ;- j

And here's the test print:

Ta-daa!  What a relief!

The unfortunate thing about a reduction print is that you can't go back and tweak anything, and I'm used to doing that.  But I think it works.

I may go back in and carve a bit more to lightened the plank between the side color and the bottom color.  I could widen the lines a bit.


Kolene said...

Fantastic print!

aine scannell said...


Nice to see a photo of you on the blog - you look really nice and I thought your hair looked great too !!

You have been doing some great prints lately LOVE this one too. I so admire you doing a reduction block as I have not tackled that one yet - perhaps at some point but I would need to start with something simple.

What I was wondering was - like with this one were you doing graduated rolls on parts of the print and inking different colors to different parts of the block?

best wishes


Ellen Shipley said...

I'm not sure I understand the question, Aine. I inked the whole block with one color each time I printed. Then I carved some more and inked that a different color, three times total.

This is different from what I usually do on a block, which is to ink up different parts with different colors and print once, similar to a white line print.

A reduction block is like a multi-block print, only with one block. Does that make sense?