Sunday, April 11, 2010

Rainy Day Printing

In answer to my plaintive pleas, it's going to rain later today/tonight.  So I'll be able to print in the sweet spot.  (I really should move to the Pacific Northwest.)  ;->

I'll mix up some more "yellow ochre" ink in a bit.  I'll leave out the white this time and see how it prints.  I miss the woodgrain effect that goes away with opaque ink.  At least that's the plan for the day.

Interestingly, the cartoon is still vaguely visible on the block after some 15 prints.  I may not have to reapply it.

Cold and overcast, but no rain yet.  Printing went a little better.  I cleaned the block every 2-3 prints.  Tomorrow may be better. 

Color's a little better.  The print in the lower left was an attempt to reprint over a poor print from yesterday.  I was done and just wanted to get some ink off the block after printing.  I'm gratified to see I can match the blocks up.  Color is still a little uneven, but another pass may improve it even more.

I've never tried to reprint a block, fearing  misalignment, but since the reduction block requires it, I felt empowered to try it.  ;- j

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