Friday, April 30, 2010

Air Kraken Colophon

Paper size: chuban
Image size: 8”x6”
Block: shina
Ink(s): Daniel Smith water soluable
Paper: Rives BFK
Edition Size: 40

This is my second reduction block and I found it both exhilerating and frightening. I’m not used to doing a total edition at one time. There is always the danger of damaging the block and thus the whole run at any stage.

Overall I’m pleased with the result. I would have gone back and changed a couple things, but of course there is no going back with a reduction block.

There are two basic color effects, stemming from experiments with the lightest color. I like them both. It changes the mood of the print slightly.

I learned a lot with this project, chiefly that I am not afraid to realign the block to print multiple colors on one print. I’m ready to tackle a multiple block print now.


Carol Chapel said...

You should be pleased. How many did you have to print to get the allotted amount?

Tan Family said...

You are amazing! I have been enjoying your FB comments about it. Looking forward to seeing you at the dye & fiber retreat. You should bring this with you, if you can. :)

Diane Cutter said...

This is just wonderful, Ellen... So finished looking. The colors are warm and appealing and the composition is super.s

Ellen Shipley said...

Thanx. 8-] Took a while to settle on the colors, but when I did the order of carving just clicked.

I started with 50 (which somehow morphed into 52), but I had a few spoiled prints (incidental marks, too dark, too light, etc.), which I knew would happen. Didn't expect so many tho! ;- j

Thanx Jennifer, I'm sure I can bring one to the Fiber Retreat. 8-]

Mark Hill said...

That is gorgeous! Someday I will work up enough nerve to do a reduction print. Not yet...