Tuesday, April 06, 2010

Airship and Kraken: Down to Business

Ok.  Time to get down to business.  Can't wait any longer for the new blocks to show up, so I'm going to recycle an older one.  I stained the back of one of my thicker blocks.  It's a little stained with ink from printing, but that won't hurt anything.  It's 8"x6", the size I was looking for.  I'll transfer the cartoon as soon as the wood stain dries.

BTW it's sitting on one of my handwoven mini-mats.


Ha, ha!  No sooner had I  posted the above than the UPS truck delivered my new blocks from McClains.  ;- j  A superfluidy of woodblocks.

Ok, here's the new block stained and ready to go.  I decided to go with a new one rather than the reverse of an old one.  Easier to store away when they're not "Ace Doubles."  ;->  Giving my age away with that comment.  ;- j


LinC said...
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Ellen Shipley said...

Heck, they were disintegrating when we were reading them. ;->