Saturday, November 23, 2013

White Line Success!

Black and red printed over an ocher pass.

Waiting for Santa Paws

Block inked black and red, with some ocher tapped in.  Also powdered around the dog in the background to make sure the black didn't print thru.

This is the ocher pass I printed over ~ faint ocher didn't hurt the print any.  8-]

White line printing is much safer than printing all at once.  Also I can take better care to clean up lines, etc.  Need to ink the black sufficiently on the rotties.


Need a break.  Mostly working 'cept for some darkness around the rear rottie.  Having trouble getting rid of the excess black there.  Something to be said for carving 2 blocks.  ;- ]

When I get back to it I'll try tapping in the dog's head instead of rolling the ink.

 Not too bad, but having some trouble around the rear dog's head.

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