Monday, September 16, 2013

Garden Party Prep

Time to prep for the show.  See what I've got framed up, frame up new or sold pieces.  Pick some smaller pieces for (hopefully) easy sales.

Awaiting clear bags for xmas cards.  Nail down the pricing scheme for sets and singles.  Some display system.  Even a small box on a table.  Print up graphic card for inside bag with contents, contact info., etc.

Control sheets, labels for panels.  Business cards.


Taking stock.  I have 24 pieces ~ large and small ~ framed up.  Need to frame up 3 that sold at last Loscon and one new one:

  • Snowflakes Are Dancing! (xmas)
  • Tay and the Night Visitor  (xmas)
  • Straight On 'til Morning  (steampunk airship)
  • Looking Out My Back Door (early bird)

Test scan of the 3 xmas cards to go in the back of the clear bag.

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