Wednesday, September 04, 2013

Clear Bags Snafu

Well cr*p.  I ordered what I thought were the right size clear bags for sets of xmas cards, but it turned out I either miss-measured or got confused.  Instead of holding sets of 4 or 6 cards and envelopes, it barely holds one card and envelope, and doesn't close at that.

Back to the catalog.  The envelopes aren't the problem ~ it's the postage & handling and tax, bringing a $7 initial cost up to $25.  Crrr*p.

Maybe there's a cheaper source of clear bags.


OK, quart size baggies just close, with a couple inches extra width, for 4 cards and envelopes.  They're 7" x 8.5".  Doable, but not ideal.


I can order zippered art bags on that are 6" x 9".  I think I like those dimensions better, and it's free shipping with $25 total order.  I have a couple things on my waiting list that'll bring the order up.

Think I'll go with that.  I got taken with Clear Bags.  (It came is a cardboard envelope and that cost twice the price of the bags?)

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