Friday, September 27, 2013

Framing Up

Three more works framed up.

Snowflakes are Dancing!, Looking Out My Back Door, Straight On 'Til Morning

A few more pieces ~ mostly smallish ~ to mat and frame.

Take metal basket and Longaberger basket for xmas cards.  Leave metal basket in the car; pull out more cards if they're needed, but there are too many sets for a good display.


Next pass:

Paleo-Unicorn, Paleo-Gobbler, Cosmic Bobcat. Runestones; Paleo-Horsefly, Paleo-Dragon, Paleo-Umi (not bringing)

Next pass:

Air Kraken, Paleo-Phoenix, Silk Wrangler, Hippocampus; Bandit: Paleo-Catfish, Mouse-Arr, Paleo-Basilisk: Angry Bird

This might be it.

Nope. 2 more.  Have to winnow now.

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