Tuesday, July 27, 2010

TPC Art Festival

Today was set-up day for the TPC Art Festival.  I had to get my three pieces in bright and early.  I'm not used to seeing the sun rise.  The morning fog hadn't burned off yet.  ;- j 

Everyone's super organized and I anticipate a good show.

Here's a shot of the display set-up.  The lobby is long and dark, but the display panels look like they'll have plenty of light.

There are 25 artists in all, and I believe I'm the only printmaker in the bunch.  For that matter, I think I'm the only printmaker in the Santa Clarita Art Associaton at the moment, but that will change eventually.  Afterall, College of the Canyons is still cranking out printmakers.  ;-]

I'll be doing a woodcut demo tomorrow afternoon.  I have a block that needs some cleaning up.  I've never been completely satisfied with how it prints.  Too many extranious woodblock marks.  That's what happens when I forget to leave a lip on the rim.

I find it hard to concentrate on carving when I'm doing a demo, so I need something that doesn't take much thinking.  Yggdrasil qualifies.