Saturday, November 22, 2014

Playing with Pastels

I printed out an image and played with cray pas and pastels.  I like the pastels better ~ finer control.  I'll color up a bw test print and see how that looks.

Pastel on an actual test print.  I had to switch to a brighter red to overpower the black ink.  Ditto gingerbread brown.

Now to print on Arches 88.

Pastel plays into my need for clean lines.  Tapping in color while printing is just too messy for my finicky nature.  ;- j

Bill measured his scanner bed ~ just about the right size (but that's ok, I already accounted for the xmas card being more narrow and long, and I already plan to lose some from the top and bottom).

Coming along.  8-]


Terry Sargent Peart said...

It's very nice, Ellen. Good for you getting started so early. I've been impressed. Mine is not even thought of yet. Pretty soon I can say it's too late and I won't have to do one! I can't

Ellen Shipley said...

Gosh, I don't think it's so early! Isn't xmas just around the corner?! ;-> Thanx.

Sharri said...

Love the card! Have you thought of printing it in a really dark green? Could be luscious. And, yes, you are early! I may get around to mine in the week between Xmas & NYears -

Ellen Shipley said...

I might try a dark green. Might be interesting with the red and light brown pastely bits.

I have to get the cards made ~ I use Vista Print ~ for my husband's company, so I need to hustle!