Saturday, September 01, 2012

Snowflakes are Dancing

I got tired of drawing snowflakes, even stick figure ones, so I cut out some pics of snowflakes and I'm moving them around on pastel backgrounds.

That edge-on snowflake is looking more like a flying saucer than a dancing snowflake tho.  ;- j  Needs a little work.

Not sure about the copses of trees yet.  The seemed like a good idea.  I'll work on placement.


Trees bigger in the foreground, points of the snowflake point to the castle and the edge-one snowflake (illusion of movement).

I might even put actual swirly lines for movement; have to think about that one.

One suggestion on fb:  make foreground trees darker, which reminds me to make the middle ground trees lighter, for that distance-is-greyer effect.  The castle, however, has to pop.

And I might move the castle just a smidge toward the middle so it's in the frame more.

Haven't moved the castle yet, but I've messed with the trees a bit more.

Made the image narrow, more like the card dimensions (actually longer and thinner -- get exact dimensions before I carve!).

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