Monday, September 17, 2012

Art Show Aftermath

Sold a woodcut and an intaglio etching at the Garden Party Art Show yesterday.
Tay and the Night Visitor

Cosmic Bobcat (inked in a rainbow roll)

I also picked up a commission for a set of personalized xmas cards of the Tay card.  That surprised me.  I displayed all 5 Schuyler House xmas woocuts with their respective xmas cards, and someone asked if I could make him a set of cards with his name inside.  Why not?  8-]

So I'll start researching that project.  I'm used to ordering them in volume -- 500 to 1000 cards for the business.  So I'll have to see if they'll do an order of 50 to 100 cards (I'm sure they will) and how much that costs for processing.

If it works out, I may offer a line of blank or personaled xmas cards for other people besides Schuyler House.  ;- ]

Met a friend of one of the other artists who was taken with my woodcuts and took some pics to show a friend at work.  Ran into her again at dinner (she works at the restaurant the artists frequent), and she said nice things about my work.  Nice to be appreciated.  Maybe a future sale.  ;- j

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