Friday, August 17, 2012

Xmas Card in July (now Aug.)

I can't believe I'm actually started the 2012 xmas card early.  Just in the input stage -- googling snowflakes and santas and lots of holiday images trying to get some ideas.  Nothing is gelling yet, but I have some motifs.

One of them is snowflakes, as in the photo-realistic ones.  That would be fun to carve.  Bill wants a castle in the background, like the first SH xmas card.

I'm thinking something even farther in the background, up on a hill, with snowflakes in the extreme foreground.

But not so much on the ground as in the air.  I do like the edge on flakes tho.

Another thought is a b&w image with just a dab of color (tho that doesn't lend itself to snowflakes very well).

Then I keep looking at polar bears...I really don't have anything nailed down yet.  ;- ]


Terry Peart said...

Nooooo! Is it time to start thinking about Christmas cards already?!

No, really...good for you. Personally, I'm not going to think about it until I have to. But I enjoy hearing about your ideas. Maybe I'll let you do the leg work, and then steal one of your cast off ideas. (bwahaha).


Ellen Shipley said...

Go for it. ;-> I must admit I'm not exactly rolling in ideas at the moment. Maybe if I put on some xmas carols...