Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Letterboxing Stamp

Back to carving -- this time a letterboxing stamp for my sister.  Thanx Lana Lambert of Pistoles Press for the chunk of EZ Cut to play with.

Here's the sketch of a baby elephant, with the initials JB:

 Here's carving it -- I thought lino was like butter, but this stuff is scary easy.

 And here's the little guy cleaned up (more or less).

Now I need to afix him to a chunk of wood for a handle.

I definitely want to play with this stamp medium some more, maybe for a personal chop for my woodcut prints.  ;-]


Pistoles Press said...

Yay! I'm glad you like it! Yeah, it is scary easy to cut and can get away from you. It was hard for me to work with if I approached it right after carving a wood block because I was so used to the resistance the wood offered. Yours is coming along great!

Ellen Shipley said...

Thanx Lana. It is fun.

Anikó said...

Sweet little stamp!
You made it sound so easy I'm thinking I've got to try and make a stamp too soon.
Love your blog!

Ellen Shipley said...

Thanx Aniko. Give it a try. It was fun. (And check out Pistoles Press above.) ;->

Anikó said...

Hi Ellen,
I checked out Pistoles Press and I was blown away by her skill and wonderful line. It's equally inspiring and intimidating to see amazing talents and beautiful work when you are a beginner.
My first thought was Gosh her toad is incomparably better than my frog :)