Saturday, March 10, 2012

Leftovers III - Background Color

First pass - catspaw coverlet background color in thalo green, thinned slightly with transparent medium.

As the theme for the exchange is "leftovers" I like the idea of recycling leftover blocks, in this case the two blocks for Foggy.

I went with a greenish color for the background and I'm thinking of a grapy-purple or magenta for the kitty cat.  I'll see what looks good when the backgrounds dry (which in this weather, could be now).

Most of the pieces of paper are 2"x7", but they vary (they are leftover bits cut down from other projects).  I only need 14 for the exchange.  The others will make nice bookmarks.  ;-]

Here's the link to the Leftovers III project:

1 comment:

Are you curious about me? said...

I save all of my little off cuts not knowing why or what I'm going to do with them..

Bookmarks are a great idea.. Thank you.