Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Transfering Cartoon -- Christmas 2010

Transfering the cartoon to the blocks today.  I'm tracing the same image on both blocks, even tho I won't be carving the same elements on both.  Partly for alignment and partly because I'm obsessvie/compulsive about it.  ;- j

Here's the process.  I carved a couple of kento-like notches in the cartoon to aid in placement.

Here's where I've chalked the back of the cartoon so I can trace it onto the blocks.  Normally I use a pink or yellow chalk, which works really great with black dyed boards.  But I had to switch to black chalk for it to show up on the stained boards.  I just have to remember which system I'm using and stick with it.

I like to carve details like the stonework or the antlers freehand as I go.  There has to be some surprise in the piece to keep it lively.

Enough displacing.  Back to work.  ;- j

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