Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Scroll Project

approx. 11"x14"

Be it known to all...

that I plan to make William's Knighting Scroll. I've looked at 1000 scrolls from the Caid Scribe's website:
There really are 1000 illuminated and caligraphed scrolls on it! Busy little bees.

I ran the mock up past Bruce Draconarius, and he made a couple wording changes and suggestions. He suggested supporters for the shield, so I'll have to get William working on that one. I don't think he has anything in mind. Loki and Freya? ;-j

I have to carve the shield and mantling block, and I'm going to carve at least the beginning phrase -- Be it known to all -- with the initial B illuminated. I know my limitations. I couldn't possibly carve the whole text!

My caligraphy isn't too great, but I guess I can work on it. I'd also like something closer to Caxton's original font, only more legible to modern eyes. I'll have to see what I can come up with.

I feel compelled to add that William is practically obsessive about the color black, so the fact that it's a black and white woodcut is a plus. I'll add a bit of color to the shield and mantling (black and silver) and possibly to the supporters, whatever they turn out to be (surely not zebras or pandas!). A couple letters here and there can be illuminated in the text as well. But it's minimalist by design.

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Annie B said...

Very cool. I like your plan.