Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Rainy Day Printing

I should print in the rain more often. 8-] My ink never dried out and I didn't have to clean my block until I was done. Ran out of paper.

Tore down another sheet and I may finish up the run after a lunch break.

There is definitely an advantage with the humidity. Don't know what I can do about it ordinarily tho, as this is So-Cal. Normally dry as a bone.

I know -- move to the Pacific North West! ;- j


A productive day indeed. Finished up the the prints for the exchange and then some. I wonder how I can get more humidity into the air when I'm printing? Swamp coolers tend to give me a sinus headache.

Barring that, I guess I need to keep my ink wetter longer.


Annie B said...

This came out great! Glad you're finding some use for all that rain. Let's hope the rain stops, though, now that you're done printing.

Diane Cutter said...

It looks great, Ellen... I like the change in the background as it really highlights the printer. I had to laugh about your humidity comment. Come down to Puerto Rico the next time you print a block...