Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Medieval Tiles - Water-based Ink

4"sq. griffin

I like the wood marks. They give an energy to the print. This is an Irish tile.

3"sq. unicorn

3"sq. deer

Daniel Smith burnt umber water-soluable ink on Somerset. There may be a touch of yellow ochre as well. I was going back and forth between the two with the blocks. Gave me some lovely browns and golds.


Annie B said...

The burnt umber ink is perfect.

Ellen Shipley said...

Thanx. It's really warm.

Lin said...

I like the griffin because he's striding outside his circle. He really fills the space. It's good trick to use to make the central creature reach outward.

Ellen Shipley said...

It is wonderful, isn't it? I can say that 'cuz I didn't design it. It's an Irish tile of some sort. I call him Erin.

m.Lee said...

I like wood marks too. I call it "noise" and I think it adds a lot most of the time. Nice work!

Camplin said...

These have such a nice primative look. Almost banners of tribes.