Tuesday, September 19, 2006

What a Picnic Basket!

4"x6" intaglio etching & watercolor

Otherwise known as the Longaberger Basket Building, corporate offices of the premium basket makers. My sister works in the basket building. It's really kewl. 8-] This is an ant's eye view.


Deb said...

HI Ellen,
Deb here (of FineArtsATCs).

My husband and I vacationed in Apple Valley, OH and hoped to make it to the nearby Longaberger Basket Factory / Offices.
We didn't. I regret it.
Someday we'll have to return!

Nice painting from the ant's perspective!

gknee said...

I'm on the 7th floor of that basket! A great view from the top, too!

Laura said...

wow, I love this etching. And to think it's a real building. how cool is that?