Saturday, September 16, 2006

Diagonal Dog

I know, the orange is distracting, but which looks better do you think -- flat or on edge?


gknee said...

I like the flat better -- on edge loses the idea the HE's turned upside down and not you turing the picture that way. I'm slightly disoriented looking at the on-edge one.

Just a non-artist opinion here... :-)

Ellen Shipley said...

Thanx. That's what I wanted to know. On edge was more how I photographed it, and how I aligned it on the plate, but I came to think of the square view as the right one while I was doing it.

Derek Andrews said...

Maybe the diagonal format is just too dynamic for this subject? The dog looks like it is lolling around on a bed and resting. If it had a stick in it's mouth the diagonal might work better.

Miss said...

The flat. Pictures set on their corners are very disorientating for me. I cannot take in the image without some difficulty. And your dog is wonderful.