Monday, December 05, 2005

Printing Process -- Umi

Here is the inked block and the finished print, a three-color viscosity woodcut.

Tapping on thalo blue mixed with miracle gel to repel other colors.

Rolling on yellow, red in turn, also of different viscosities that will allow each to print.

Printing block face down on dry print paper. See slats to hold roller off print bed.
Cranking through the press with slow, even pressure. Lifting the block to reveal the print.


Nelly said...

Beautiful work! Thank you for visiting my blog. Happy New Year

Annie B said...

wonderful to see these pix. I understand viscosity printing better now. Nice print.

Ellen Shipley said...

Did I mention that Belinda DelPesco took these pics? She's great at documenting work in progress. 8-]

Thanx Belinda.