Friday, October 14, 2005

Still Carving

This is the 4th carving, more detail. I've been printing samples with varying success. I was trying for a transparent red, but it turned out to be way too tacky. So I'm back to straight aliz. crimson. I can eliminate the markings on the door panel by using a guide along the left side when I'm inking, and blotting away any ink that hits the block. Baby powder helps with this as well. Not a problem.

I was about to print the second color when I remembered I had to carve the first pass of the wallpaper. Then I had a crisis of design and hit the books. I was paging thru a Pre-Raphaelite book and was thinking of checking out William Morris as well, when I started noodling around with vines and stars and stuff. Much more noodling, including a session with pumpkin spice coffee at Java 'n Jazz, and I believe I have my design.

Yellow stars with red rays on a blue field. Blue may turn out more purply, have to see. But the centers of the stars will be yellow with yellow rays interposed with red ones, which will transition into blue on the final printing. (See Once In a Blue Moon for an idea of the stars.)

So that's where I am at the moment. 8-]


AmyWon said...
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Mary Morgan said...
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jt said...
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Annie B said...

Hi Ellen,

You can delete these spams. Log into your blogger account and click on the tab that says "View Blog." Go to the post with the spam, click on "comments" and you'll see a little trash can icon at the bottom. Click the trash can and it will take you to another window. Click the box that says "delete this comment forever" and hit delete. Poof!!! Gone!!!

I hate spam.

Ellen Shipley said...

Thanx Annie,

Man they're a pain. ;-\ You think you have feedback and you only have another pitch. Glad to know how to pitch them! Thanx.


Mandy said...

You can also get rid of spammers by going to settings - comments - then scroll down and click yes for word verification. This is a new feature, and so far I have had zero spammers. This features keeps spanners from automatically posting because they have to write a code verification first.

I'm excited to see this print when it is finished. I've never done a reductive woodcut before, so I am learning something!!!