Monday, October 03, 2005

First Printing

I bit the bullet and printed the first color of my reduction print, a yellow/orange (process yellow, vermillion relief ink). I printed 16 1/4 sheets (11"x15") Arches cover, dry, 2/10 setting on the relief press.

Next stage: carve away the door, cut hatch lines into hands for lighter tone, carve away light areas on hinge and hatch lines for shading.

Possibly also: carve first botanical pattern into wallpaper.

Second inking will be alizarin crimson in transparent print base.


Annie B said...

Hi Ellen,

It's so fun to watch; thanks for showing your progress. What kind of wood are you using? I know you're doing a reduction block - will the whole print be on a single block?

Ellen Shipley said...

Hi Annie,

That's the plan. ;-] It's a spiritual journey -- letting go of my son as he gets ready to go out into the wide world.

I'm using Baltic birch plywood, supplied by my print instructor. I haven't tried anything else yet, but I imagine there are better-grained woods to work with. 8-]

Thanx for your comments.