Tuesday, September 12, 2017

Xmas Card Ideas

Time to work on the xmas card for 2017.  Bouncing ideas around.  Here's one:

People like the idea of multiple SH critters, and I'm thinking something like this ~ only Therese would be replaced by Mrs. Claus.  And other dogs/cats can be added/subtracted as needed.

Just a concept, so of course I can use a different pic of Mrs. Claus, but it gives me an idea.

Mrs. Claus (or Santa) can have a basket of dog biscuits/cat treats (like a catnip mouse?).  Getting complex.  I'm sure I can cut it down to essentials.

I'd need pics of everyone's animals and work in what I can.  Maybe be real stylized or cartoony.


I'm starting late, so I'm not sure I'll have enough time for so complex a card this year.  Perhaps next year.

I can do a snowy tree scene with castle on a hill.  Maybe a sleigh.


Dogs from rear getting Santa treat.

Stylized breeds to match SH dogs.  I could do that.


I'm liking this wintry scene with the SH castle instead of a tree.  Tina suggests a line of doggy bottoms in the foreground, with a title, "Have a howling good Christmas!"  Not bad.  Maybe a howling posture tho instead of the Jayne's view.

Or just the line of doggy bottoms w/o the howling caption.  I can pick some recognizable SH dogs, like Molly/Tay (border collie), shepherd, boxer, Gabby, Meechee, rotties, maybe Kim's dog, etc.


Coreopsis said...


I like seeing your process. I started printing Christmas cards in August. I'm not sure they'll be dry by December, but it's been fun.


Ellen Shipley said...

Ha! You're way ahead of me! I'm in desperation territory. ;->

Thanx! Are your cards online?