Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Early Bird Cartoon

Early Bird cartoon transferred to the block.  Ready, set, go!


Hmm.  Giving some thought to a background block now (the reverse side, as I'm down to my last (gasp!) block).  

I'm thinking a green ground and a blue sky, with a large fluffy cloud taking up most of it.  I like carving texture into the background and I don't want to just carve it all away and leave it white.  I'll doodle some color sketches.


Colored up a cartoon.  Something along this line (didn't have enough colors to play with, but it's the general idea).

Grass of course greener, sky bluer, bird orangeyer, with maybe a bit of brown for accent.  Bee will probably be black, agapanthus a bit purpley-blue.

The trick is in the texture.  Sky in striations, cloud in billows, grass in rows of hash marks.  And of course some texture to the dino-bird, perhaps as shading.


Ok, did a better job of coloring.

My plan is to carve the foreground first, and if there's time, carve the background.  I will eventually, but I'll have to see if I get it done for this exchange.

Not liking the coloration of the bird.  Work on the plumage.

Cartoon for carving the background block:

Carve away motifs, most of cloud mass (except for the swirls).  Carve hatch marks in the grass area, some striations under the cloud.

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