Monday, August 29, 2011

Paleo Dragon-fly Woodcut

Working on the composition for my paleo dragon-fly woodcut for the a mini-print exchange.

Cobbled this together on Paint Shop Pro and PageMaker.  The lizard is from an etching:

I'm working on changing the wings 'cuz the print will be only 2.5"x3.5" and I want to play and not just copy the dern thing (it's an etching I did in printlab a few years ago).  I like how the image overflows the space.

Sure makes the image dinky tho.  I may rethink that.  Might call for a simpler design.

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Anna Franks said...

Hi Ellen, Came across your blog and really like your work. I'm currently working on the International Print Biennale in the North of England and we'd love you to have a look through the gallery of entries: This has been filtered down from 650 international submissions to a shortlist of 44. We're trying to engage the international printmaking community and spread the word about the importance of printmaking in contemporary art, so any support you could provide to raise awareness of the festival would be greatly appreciated. If you'd like any further information, please do contact me, Anna Franks at We've also got a twitter hashtag: #printbiennale, images can be posted to our flickr account: IPB11 and people can 'like' us on Facebook at Northern Print. Many thanks in advance and best wishes, Anna.