Thursday, July 07, 2011

Back to Printing Today

Back to printing today, amid a couple fanfic writing assignments.  I really shouldn't cross the streams, but sometimes the time gets away from me.

Also we're nursing our old puppy dog through a serious tummy disorder.  She won't eat, but at least she's drinking.  Boxer's have touchy tummies, but this is a first.  I'm dribbling broth down her resisting gullet, but it's been a week since we took her to the vet, and she really needs nurishment.

At least I can tear down the rest of the paper.  That doesn't take a brain.


Ta-da!  Finished printing.  And wonder of wonders, they're all good prints!  That's never happened before.  There's some variation here and there, but no botched prints.  Amazing.

Now to figure out how to mail them off to the show.  15"x10" is an odd size, but I'm sure there's an envelope that'll fit.

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