Thursday, April 28, 2011

Mythology Exchange - Prints Away

Mother Nature Welcomes Thor prints are on their way!

Mother Nature has been a fixture of our family mythos since our son Will used to watch the BBC cartoon program Super-Ted, with its improbable cast of characters too strange to mention. Mother Nature became an amorphous, generic force for good in our family, like a cosmic granny.

Thor was our beloved family dog who, as all children know, went to doggie heaven when he passed away. It has been a decade since he left us, but he is still fondly in our thoughts.


Sharri said...

Ellen, We have a similar character in our family and a favorite dog who went to doggie heaven 25 years ago. We still miss her and refer to her all the time. Although it was not her real name, she was referred to as Corn Dog or Pierre Car-dog. We are all fortunate to have had a pet like Thor and her. I can tell they are kindred spirits by the expression on his face.

Ellen Shipley said...

I bet they're romping away together. ;-]