Saturday, March 26, 2011

Spring Projects

Getting behind!  So what else is new?

The mythology print exchange is due May 1.  Time to take it off the back burner and give it another stir.

Added to the menu:  a commemorative collection for the Japanese earthquake and tsunami.  As I'm still missing a friend who lives in the affected area, this project has personal meaning.

Blocks for the Puzzle Block Exchange are going out soon.  No idea yet what I'll put on it.  Guess I'll wait to see which piece I get.  It has a city theme.

On the poetry front, fighter poem assignments have gone out and are due back May 1.  That's when my mad editor skills come into play and the book gets magically done.  That's due early June.

I'm teaching a sprang class at the Fiber Retreat, also in June.  Still compiling supplies and making the looms.

And for silliness I'm still writing fanfic entries for the Last Author Standing contest.  Haven't been voted off the island yet.

Throw in Will's and Bill's birthdays and it's a busy Spring.  Is that all?

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