Wednesday, December 01, 2010

Test Block 2 - Recarving

I have a tendency to carve too fine of lines that disappear in the printing process.  So I'm recarving the stonework on block 2 to make it more visible.  Recarved some elements on block 1 as well.  Half way thru all the cobbles.

And then on to another test print.


Ok, I recarved both blocks. 

The stonework took the most time, so I didn't get to make another test print yet.  Maybe after dinner.


gknee said...

Kudos! It's really coming along; I'm blown away by the process! That two-block process is very tricksie but you are mastering it! Whey kewel. gknee

Ellen Shipley said...

TinQ. 8-]