Tuesday, February 02, 2010


Starting on a new paleo critter, as the scroll project will take some time. Bill is looking into getting or making a UV light box. But that's for another post.

The sketch is from a horse by Zeng Shanqing-- very angry and wild looking. I love this piece.
I liked the posture, so I drew it as a seahorse (hippocampus to be precise). I'll probably tone down the anger. Don't need that wide a mouth. And naturally I added the tail.

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Pistoles Press said...

Wow, Ellen! I love your idea! I just love dynamic images of animals! What colors are you going to use? I notices your comment on closing the mouth of the horse. Most of the animals in paleo paintings have their mouths closed anyway, right? In ancient art, images of animals with their mouths open ranged from expressing the meaning of humor to portraying terror. Ears too are a good indicator of mood in horses. Laid Back=angry. Perked Forward=attentive. Neat-o project!