Friday, October 02, 2009

The Battle is Lost

There will be no Pelican/Knight woodcut for Kitty.

This is so sad I can barely type it. Kitty has succumbed to the H1N1 virus -- swine flu. She was young and strong and so vibrant just a few short weeks ago, and now she is gone. It hit her fast and it hit her hard, going straight into pneumonia, and she never recovered. She passed away yesterday when they took her off of life support. She was only 27.

Folks, H1N1 is no joke. It is horrifyingly real. We all know young people and they are the most at risk (behind those with pre-existing conditions). Please see that your friends and loved ones get the vaccination when it comes out.

And if you disagree please don't post it here. I am grieving.


cavalaxis said...


I'm telling everyone I know, and making sure they know:

a) It's a nasal spray, not a shot. Needle phobia is not an excuse.

b) Some naysayers are decrying the mercury in the vaccine. It's 25mcg of mercury. You get more mercury eating sushi than that. Mercury poisoning is not an excuse.

c) "Well, I'm not a woman or a young person or whatever, so I'm not at risk." Yes, but if you get sick, you could pass on to someone else who could die from it. And THEN how would you feel.

I'm amazed at how many excuses people can make because they don't want to be inconvenienced.



Ellen Shipley said...

Thank you cavalaxis, you put it perfectly. It's so important to take precautions. Someone, afterall, gave H1N1 to Kitty (no blame, it's just a fact of life). If you can avoid the spread, it's honorable to do so. Not to mention safer for you and your loved ones.

Hugs. :-]

Nancy said...

I'm so sorry about your friend. We were lucky--my daughter got it first, and was hit hardest; she spent four days in the hospital with swine flu and pneumonia. Then her daughter got it (three years old), then I got it, then my son got it. But we all made it.

Take care of yourself, and think about woodblock printing--what you take away is what stays behind...