Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Pelican/Chivalry Block

Baroness Kolfinna, already a Knight, is being elevated to the Pelicans. I've been working on a woodcut design all day to commemorate the occasion. I've only got a couple weeks, so I've got to get busy.

The belt is white, as is the bird. Only the blood drop adds color. Makes for a rather stark image. Perhaps I can give it a border or a background color. She likes bold colors. Her device is blue, black and white; her badge is orange.

I developed the image from an earlier one, the Laurel/Pelican block I did for Sven & Kolfinna to give as largesse at Lillies War in '06.

The theme for the war was Laurels vs Pelicans, so it seemed apropos. A laurel/pelican wanted one (which I need to rework slightly to remove the Lillies and Caid references). Now all I need to do is work up a Chivalry/Laurel block (but that's for another time).

Maybe a blue background, at least for Kolfinna. I'll carve the pel and belt and leave them white. I can roll it up in blue (or orange), with a spot of red for the drop.

I could carve a patterns background of some sort, just to give texture to the color.

Hmm. Kitty is using a round shield with her viking ladies...on orange. Maybe orange is the way to go afterall.

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