Saturday, December 06, 2008

Horse Knows the Way -- Print

Horse Knows the Way, thalo blue w/ a dab of red.

Mirror scan of block -- faux print (curious -- comes out darker, but more or less the same woodcut marks as the print).

I'm wondering now. Would the mirror scan of the block copy better for the xmas cards than the actual print? But I do want it in blue, not black. Hmm. Also the print is a little lighter (and has the natural uneveness of a print -- well, my print anyway). ;-j

This is really new for me, so much white space on a block. I like it, but it was hard to make myself do it (not to mention using tiny tools to do it with). ;-j


Eli Griggs said...

From what I see of photographers work using scanners in hybrid analog/digital work, film/scanner/ink jet printer, you should be able to tweak the colour, contrast and brightness to exactly what you want with a little practice.

Which program are you using with your pc/printer?

Digital prints would probably be welcomed by your friends but how about giving both a tradition folding 'card' with an accompanying print that could be framed latter after the Holiday hustle subsides?


Daniel L. Dew said...

I love the design. It brings back memories of the past, when designs were simple and clean and nice. I especially love the sky, it evokes motion, hard to do in a carved design.
Very nice piece. I wish I had one :-(

LinC said...

Beautiful! The emptiness of the snow is a perfect foil for the sleigh. I vote for a print because the irregularities of the printing process is part of the art.