Friday, November 21, 2008

Sleigh Block - WIP

This is a large block for a Christmas Card, I know. ;-j It's about 8"x12", but it will scale down to the size of card we're using at Vista Print. This is an online outfit we used last year to make our cards (but I had the dimensions wrong and had to cobble the image at the last minute). So this time I've made the image to fit. I hope!

I'll print up the block as well, probably for 11"x14" matting.



I don't know how the snowflakes will come out, but I like the fuzzy look of them so far. This is a first for me, putting so much white space in a block. I want to carve more lines on the snowy hill, but I'm restraining myself.


clip(clop)ing right along. ;-]

One thing you can say about all that white -- it goes fast!

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Diane Cutter said...

This looks big, Ellen. What size is it? I'm liking the image very much.