Sunday, August 31, 2008

Baa-Baa Test Print

It reads purple and yellow, and it should read purple and green. I'm going to try and tone down the yellow by cutting stripes. If that doesn't work, I may cut it out entirely.

It's only a test print, and an actual print will sharper detail, but the lavender at the bottom comes off weak.

Ok, I've added stripes. I'll see if they're wide enough when I print it next.

Haven't printed it yet, but I have an idea. I'll roll up the middle in purple, top to bottom. Then I'll wipe it off the lavender leaves and the sheep. And I can roll up the sides with yellow and wipe it off the laurel leaves. Then add the greens and blacks where necessary, and add it to the corners. That way I can get a bit of background.

Alternately I can roll up @ section in its color -- black for the sheep, green for the bottom (then wipe it off the flowers and add purple). And black can be more of a charcoal.

Anyway it's something to experiment with tomorrow.

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